Friday, February 02, 2007

Reminds me of the time...


I was on assignment, writing copy for a ground beef mine in the hills outside of Yellowknife. It was a warm, glorious mid-summers day, one of two that the region saw that year. My assistant, Natasha Snipetree, a normally reserved and serious-minded typesetter from the Eastern Townships, momentarily overcome by the lushness of our surroundings (we had quit the company bivouac for a grassy knoll overlooking a peat bog) did an impromptu belly dance, waving a couple internal memos in the air as if they were scarves made of the finest Oriental silk. The memory comes back to me every time I inhale the fumes from an antique mimeograph machine.


jin said...


suddenly I feel like:
eating a burger
giving generously
& typing something

I am typing something

something curious.

em said...

"Don't believe the type!"
I thought they stopped the mining of ground beef after the bovine uprising of '63.

flatlander said...

Yeah, that beef mine is now history. But McDonalds must be getting their burgers from somewhere....maybe Russia.