Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Eats Cheap

Who says you can't live like a king on 5 bucks a day? This document was found just south of Fakiegrind Central Headquarters...



Anonymous said...

Loaf of bread $1.40 ???

It's only 80 cents here.

jin said...

Heeheee....I would NOT want this guy to make me dinner.
*Yes, jin does ASSUME it's a guy....a list like that? It's gotta be a guy!!!*


Gyrobo said...

Just because you can survive on $5 a day doesn't mean you should.

I mean, I can fit my entire arm in my mouth, but that doesn't mean...

You know, I'm going to stick my entire arm in my mouth.


flatlander said...

Fakiegrind does not endorse this particlar version of the $5 dollar/day diet. We merely offer it as a sociological insight into nutritional trends of the modern era.

Please do not attempt without consulting your physician, new age healer, or totemistic soul doctor first.