Friday, November 24, 2006

Do Not Resuscitate


The debate rages on and the multitudes ask themselves: was it really worth selling all our records and tapes and re-purchasing our favourite music on CD, then dumping our library on an iPod and selling our CDs to the local used music shop?

And what about the stuff that has never made it onto CD, let alone MP3 format? Artists like the Crash Crew, Fine Quality and Kevie Kev featured on this 1984 Sugarhill Records compilation that my (soon to be landfill) tape player just ate. For all we know, this may have been the last surviving copy of this record, and we may never hear Waterbed Kev's hit "All Night Long" again, now that this vintage magnetic tape has self-destructed.

I tried my best to salvage the tape, but it was a nasty disaster scene. Even after manual rewinding, the spools were all folded up on themselves. In the end I only manage to save about fifteen minutes of tape which may or may not survive transplantation into a new cassette casing.

Such are the perils of analogue technologies. Somewhere out there, in some dusty bin in a forgotten corner of someone's attic or curiosity store, there just might be a few vinyl copies of this record still kicking around. There is still a chance that Jocko's "Everybody's Uptight" has not been forever lost to history. The question, though, remains: does anyone really care?

I guess there's always Devo.


jin said...

*jin winces*

That's one serious twist-up.


Anonymous said...


But the question of questions still remains unasked: Have you seen my pants?

Gyrobo said...

Viva iPod!

flatlander said...

I dream of iPods, great schools of them navigating a sea of MP3 files...But until my stock portfolio matures I remain a technological bottom feeder.

Hippo -I saw your pants the other day. Or at least I thought it was them. They were walking down the street with Lee Ann's tank top, eating one of Jin's biscotti.

But where where you?