Friday, November 03, 2006

Every Second Day is Hallowe'en least for the next little while, until the candy bowl is empty.


Unfortunately for blogdom, our favourite link mistress, Mondo Retro Girl is on hiatus. So, today, Fakiegrind is busting out our own sweet linkage. Word.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Blog (18 and over)

Sketleton Art

Star Wars Art

Rocket Pack Art

Free Buck 65 Downloads! Love that dude.

Borat opens today. Is it playing in Steeltown? Nope.

Love to eat mousies (I've got a mug featuring this cartoon.)

B. Kliban fact: the lyric "She's playing footsies in another dimension" in the Beck song Nighmare HIppy Girl is from one of Kliban's twisted drawings.

And, speaking of Beck, I like the new look of his site.

Finally, don't forget the Oldschool Skateboarding (an inspiration to us all).

And, of course, Oldschool Rap (or, "how to be a 17 year old rap star").

OK, I guess that's a (w)rap. That was a lot of work! How does Mondo Retro Girl do it? Peace out.

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