Saturday, July 15, 2006

Prototype Weapon

At the fakie central secret underground labs we are sometimes asked to build our own weapons of mass destruction. Doing this work of course means a one way ticket to Hell, but we are always ready to do evil in the name of good.

Latest weapon:
Countdown Crush

~~ you feel yourself forgetting now ~~
~~ you feel yourself thinking about obscure collectible Starwars™ figures ~~


jin said...

Haha! Very 'kids in the hall'esque.

*jin can't remember why she's laughing anymore*

Sorry, gotta go...need to get to the toy store...

Andrew said...

I..... will not STAR... WARZ pics...Must.... ... ...Re... Sist!!!!

Andrew said...


dammit, so drunk ;/

Andrew said...


flatlander said...

That new weapon works spledidly! Better than projections! Our enemies at Black Cheddar will be vanquished!

Too bad Em felt compelled to test it on himself first.

Now we need to develop a Head Re-inflator.

flatlander said...

(I was at the Thrift shop yesterday and this old lady had a Blue Snaggletooth in her $2 toy bag.

I was tempted to make a grab and run, but I let it go instead. )

em said...

Having a crushed head has it's benefits. I no longer waste time choosing what hat to wear to work. Now I just tuck my head under my shirt!

" * "

I never knew how much I NEED another R2D2, for my kids, of course.

em said...

I wish I were drunk and not simply awake.

flatlander said...

Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Go to sleep
Squishy Head
Pillow's soft
Head is too
Like a big loaf of bread

Gyrobo said...

It's more diabolical than anything I ever imagined it could be.