Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fakiegrind How To

Construct a Snow Man on the Hottest Day of the Year!

It's darn tootin' hot, and if your air conditioner is on the fritz--or just non-existant like at Fakiegrind Central, then you will need to find creative ways to keep cool in these dog days of summer.

Why not defrost the ice box?

It could sure use it!

Carve yourself out a bowl of frosty slush, being ever-so-careful not to puncture the cooling tubes filled with freon gas that line the walls of your ice-box. Use the material thus gathered to mold...

Defrosty De Snoman! He has blueberry eyes and a rolled up coupon for a hat. I would have found more stuff with which to decorate him, but it was too darn hot to move!

Defrosty, a half hour later.

An hour later, and his blueberry eyes bob hauntingly in a new constellation.

Two hours later, and Defrosty has returned to primordial freezer ooze.

But the Great Northern Ice Shelf is cooling the kitchen while melting in the sink.

Stay (C)old!


jin said...

OMG that's absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

Defrosty De Snoman


:-D :-D :-D

*Made my Saturday night! LOL!*

Bathroom Hippo said...

Chinese lookin' Snowman.

He's a Commy!

Valerie said...

This one takes the cake and now you have a huge freezer and your fridge works better! Clever.

Andrew said... the snowman snuff pics, flatlander. A snowman was indeed harmed during the filming of this posting.

You sicko!!!

Gyrobo said...

Oh, to live by an ice shelf...

Anonymous said...

I always fall for blue eyes. Feeling bereft now, grace

Gyrobo said...

Certainly the most creative use of permafrost I've ever seen.