Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ye Olde Skayteboarde

I was bumming about, minding nobody's biz

when I stumbled upon a contraption like this!

It had all the markings and provenance
I tried to look all nonchalant
As I picked it out of a heap of trash
Threw the board down and proceeded to thrash

This is the way we used to do it
With stickers and rails attached to it

Graphics and logos from days of yor--
companies that shred up the Time Before

The thing was in need of a new set of trucks
What do you want for just three bucks?

The best part part of this Deal of Deals
Is the giant, smooth-rolling T-bone wheels

Nice and wide, it rides so sweet

And perfectly fits my size twelve feet

The Hummer of skateboards for cruisin' the hood
After so many years, it sure felt good!


Bathroom Hippo said...

Is this a "found" photo?

F-dizzle skatin' the fizzle sizzle (Fakiegrind Central).

flatlander said...

Life at Fakie Central is a non-stop photo-op.

Got the feel to make it real!


jin said...

I have a request.
You do honor requests, right?

I want you to take photos of your shadow doing a fakiegrind while simultaneously typing the post on a laptop strapped to your chest at the same time you are pointing to your ollie pad thingy.

em said...

ditto that.
with feeling

flatlander said...

I actually put my back out recently, and am still recupperating. That last photo was taken by a stunt double. But I'll work out the logistics of your request, make some diagrams and assemble the required equiptment. Then we'll call the media and make an Event of the whole thing!

His Majesty said...

As a king, I have numerous body doubles to confuse mine enemies.