Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Moogs are sexy. Just look at this strange record.


From the back of the jacket:

'Dim the lights, hug something warm, and surrender your ears to the supremely sensual intermingling of passionate sighs and pulsating electronic music.'
[ "something" warm? -like a big ol moog, perhaps.]

'Yes...The Sounds of Love, featuring the recorded verbal "offerings" of two very emotional, ardent lovers, is played against a backdrop of skillfully SINthesized chords, and builds to a frantic climax unequalled in the most explicit annals of human experience.'
[I've got to learn me them chords!]

'Let the Sounds of Love seduce your imagination...release your inhibitions....and guide you to new, exciting vistas of pleasure beyond all expectations. Listen with someone you love...someone who appreciates beautiful music.'
[R2 D2, where are you?]


mgc said...

the giant headphones are always on my "come on baby let get it on" attire. i mean nothing says love like earphones.

flatlander said...

I'm just wondering where he has those things plugged in to!

Bathroom Hippo said...

That's one record I'm not eager to purchase.

flatlander said...

It can be yours for only $1509.89 in Canadian Tire money!

mgc said...

by the look on his face, maybe it is in his bad place! gross, sorry.

he should get a board, he would be so much happier!

Bathroom Hippo said...

$1,509.89 in Canadian tire money?

Let me pull out my calculator...

so that's $0.47 American?

Lower your price!

em said...

I grew up listening to a guy called TOMITA.

Maybe that's why my love life was so sensual...

Gyrobo said...

How is it I missed this post until now?! And where's my stick of butter? I need it to wax poetic.