Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eye in the Sky


Deep cover, indeed. This strange light was seen hovering in the bushes not far from Fakiegrind Central. Can't say more now. They're watching.


Bathroom Hippo said...

You roll your wheels on that turf?

I feel for ya. Mate.

Captain Canuck said...

About this spot is was written: "Ye shall build an rampe of miniature proportions".

But it seems far-fetched--Dept. H doesn't even own the land.

Still, the UFOs don't lie...

codeword: "wzdog"

Gyrobo said...

My word has "cutg" in it. Yet it brings me no happiness. I long for the day when my word will be an actual word, something with inherent meaning. Meaning what? Never... mind.

I am the warlus.

Not walrus, but warlus.

jin said...

Don't stare at that light too long
those vines grow fast & very strong
they wrap themselves around your frame
pull you under the earth. That ends the game.