Sunday, April 16, 2006

Keep on Dancing

All that religion stuff is stressfull and complicated. I think I need a vacation--a vacation from vacationing!

Problem is, I'm too broke to find a job. Luckily, there are always disco records; they never fail to sooth my soul, even when eternal salvation becomes more than I can handle.


Long time Fakie readers will remember this classic video.


mgc said...

that video was quite educational. finally i will master disco!

jin said...

You need a job?
Well, if you dress like the guy in that video you can't work in my pastry shoppe, sorry!
Heehee :-D

Flatlander - dance with me anyway?

flatlander said...

I thought that guy was quite stylish, for an old Finnish disco master.

Jin - I don't own any polyester bell-bottoms, but I'd be happy to hit the dance floor with you!

Rick Anonymi said...

You always did capture the dance floor. Never an onlooker, that one. That's why it makes no sense!

mizfit said...

music is truely soul food,n'est pas?
can't help singing:
"Music gets the best of me
But guess who gets the rest of me
And there's no need for jealousy
Msic gets the best of me..."

--Sophie Ellis-Bextor's

flatlander said...

Music sooths the savage beast, they say. It's also good for unclogging the drains, if you crank the base. It's the art form with no spatial dimension, Schopenhauer pointed out; and, this philosopher believed, it's also the art that most directly represents the hidden, interior essence of creation.

But the best thing about music, in my opinion, is the way that it sounds.

To the disco chamber!

Gyrobo said...

Dance like it's 1999!



flatlander said...

I think you mean "party like it's 1999".

Dancing hit it's peak in July of '77.

Git down!