Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hail Earthlings!

We interrupt this blog with glad tidings from the Andromada Galaxy, wherein our brethren have laboured for several Earth millennia to bring you a special message of Peace.

In coming days, a large spacecraft, some 4000 cubits by 2400 cubits and resembling one of your technological devices known as a "television" will land in an as of yet undisclosed location of your northern hemisphere.

Do not fear.

We have prepared a special emission to be broadcast simultaneously in all known Earth languages, including Pan-Atlantic Dolphinese and Yeti, that will explain something of our people's history, journey and the Great Message of Peace that it is our mission to propagate throughout the known universe.

We have judged that your Earth civilization is at the proper stage of its development to hear this Great Message (and your solar system also happened to be just off our route to Freioan Quadrant, or else we would have had to hit you several thousand years from now, on the way back).

We have thus deemed it meet that your generation should be the one chosen to be blessed by our Great Good Tidings, and that your governments should thus declare Tuesday, April 24th to be a global holiday of much rejoicing, as it is on this day that our Mandate shall be fully Revealed.


*End Transmission*


Michael said...

Sounds like Alien Propaganda to me.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Yes Master.

I request 3 things of you.
#1 Did you get that thing I sent you?
#2 Destroy the Gist
#3 Destroy Spirella.

mgc said...

will there be a scout ship in the form of a remote?

em said...

I'd say the chance is "remote".

Gyrobo said...

I was there the last time the aliens came. Forgot their message, though. Something about... serving... man...

flatlander said...

That would be "serving mankind with a side of squid". They're all carnivorous, even the "friendly" ones.