Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Showers

This might be the end of the blog right here. It could all end--just like that. Just like life. Except you don't really believe it will happen to you. As for me, I ain't never been dead. Not that I recall, anyways--except for a couple decades I spent wandering the Outer Rim. But you can read all about that in the memoirs.

The din of battle: subsided. The victors: indeterminable. Just like The Sum of All Things. I've got this song stuck in my head: high pitched synths, echoing drum machine indicating a vast expanse. It's quite mystical.

You remember mystical right? That feeling when all the bloodlust leaves you alone for a moment. Happens to the best of us, then it's back--the will to survive above all else. The most sublime act is to put another before you. Sure fire method. Eventually, ignorance exhausts itself.

Except for the few. Except for the multitudinous dudes. Dislodged. Freed from the loop. It happens, but not often. In the end, there's no escaping escape. But it's not like skipping off school or work.

It's just your home's dream of vagrancy. It's just the balance of light and darkness giving birth to colour. It's just a drunken cowboy singing songs to the cactus under a full coyote moon.

Maybe not just yet. But someday...


Bathroom Hippo said...

If a coyote had to fight a cactus who would win?

Depends if the Cactus had an Adjuster missile. Flatlander missiles just can't go that far man.

jin said...

I am so incredibly honored. You linked to me! I kneel down before you & praise every word you've ever penned (typed?).

*I glance up quickly, though, to make sure it wasn't all just a ploy to eat my brains...*

mizfit said...

it's pity that i discovered ur blog so late. i really like the way u write...adding u to my bloglist...the word must plague ::evil laughter::

em said...

'nuff said about that
My hands shake
Dew on car window

Take a break if you need it, just don't want-only destroy. I've made that mistake with blogs before. It's like we all need a bile valve to let the edgie stuff out, and that shouldn't be your blog. That stuff shouldn't be public because there will be no context and knowone will understand and you'll be embarrassed like when you tell someone you have this really gross pimple, then you show it to them and realize to late that they are in know way interested in your body functions.

You should just visit my place soon.

Maybe today I'll take pictures of my work and post them for all the world to see. Then I will squeeze them before I realize...

Bathroom Hippo said...

M: failed to pick spilt sunflower seeds off of carpet.
T: still too lazy to pick those seeds up.
F: need to mow sunflowers.
W: check pollen reports.
S: found dead bee in mouth.
T: city requests presence.

flatlander said...

Valve for bile
Floods the Nile
Blogpost ruined
Comments swoon
Virus breeds
Sunflower seeds
Don't quit now
Old, and how!