Friday, April 07, 2006

Capt. Sensisble


Given up eating brains for lent. So far haven't noticed any sines of stupidifying, but keeping close cabs. Took grate panes to haul large suitcase of LPs home. Nearly dislodged putrefying arm from decayed socket. Worth the trouble. Memo to self: use spill chicker.

said "Captain!"

said "Wot?"

said "Captian!"

said "Wot?"

Yes, good record haul. Dreampt was assembling a monser sound system to DJ a party. By the time I connected all the cables, the party was over, and it was morning.

Seems some entity has hijacked the blog. Might be actual alien intelligence (the only kind?), or perhaps some hoax on the part of the Blogmind. Darn thing writes itself these days--never should have spilt that protien shake on the keyboard.

We walk around in circles singing
Oh Oa O!

In high school there were only a few teachers who tried to convince me that resistance was futile: 1) the Home Ec. teacher; 2) the Vice Principle; 3) Art teacher. Ha ha! They failed. Resistance is never futile--even the passive kind. All resistance will be rewarded in heaven, in the form of virgin skateboards. Maybe even sooner.

Our heads were filled with things
that didn't matter anyways
We're singing
Oh Oa O!

Ok, time to bend like a weed in the wind. Resistance is nubile.

Said, "Captian!"

Said, "Wot?"

Said, Captain!"

Said, "Wot?"

Said, "Captain!"

Said, "Wot?"

Said, "Captain!"

Said, "Wot yu want?!"


Gyrobo said...

Music! Ha ha! Yeah! I mean, wot?

Bathroom Hippo said...

How dare you make fun of Salbert

flatlander said...

Music is the language of lava.