Sunday, January 29, 2006

Agents Recover Hypnotic Snuggle Toy

Late last night, while out walking the Fakiegrind fire safety dog, Mr. Snoot, one of our Agents stumbled on what is believed to have been Xister's hideout.

In the storage room of an abandoned gas station the operative discovered a makeshift bed, some canned foodstuffs, a small radio and several issues of Awake! magazine dated, paradoxically, three years into the future.

We also found what seems to be the blueprint for some kind of doomsday device, and what is believed to be Xister's childhood snuggle toy, a furred monkey-like creature named "Pookey".


Despite round-the-clock surveillance of the local, the Xister has yet to return to his lair. He may have been forewarned of the stakeout by supernatural means, though how this was accomplished without his Scrying Spoon (which is believed to be in the treasury vaults of Roboshrub corp.) remains a mystery.

Xister: turn yourself in peacably, and nobody gets harmed.

But, with Pookey safely in our possession, it should only be a matter of time before Xister attempts a rescue mission. And when he comes, we'll be ready for him!

1 comment:

Non-Xister said...

I give you twelve hours to comply with my demands:

Return the monkey before it's too late.

You have been warned.