Sunday, January 29, 2006

Xister Art

Alongside the Pookey doll, we also recovered a half-completed colouring book from the Xister's lair, apparently modified using some variety of arcane science.

"But I'm in the open air now! Why do I not burst into flames?"

"The MAD THINKER! But...his specialty is ANDROIDS!"

"It's the one INFALLIBLE method of DESTROYING a flaming android!"


"I've got to find some isolated spot, where no one will be
INJURED by what I'll do with my FLAME!"

"There seemed to be NOTHING he couldn't do with that
flaming body of his!"

It's difficult to know just what to make of these creations. In the character of the flaming android there may be a veiled desire on the part of Xister to set fire to the assassin-bot, Maskatron, who has recently betrayed his former master and absconded with Xister's ex-consort, Spirella, in a stolen time machine. But then, there are strange, homo-erotic overtones to the pictures as well (not that there's anything wrong with that -ed). Perhaps Xister has a secret crush on Maskatron, and his current state of fury is fueled by secret jealousy. We'll know more once we manage to get the hypnotist in custody, where we can subject him to a series of psychological tests.


Gyrobo said...

I've decided to nominate you for a blog of note.

flatlander said...

And I will nominate your colleague, Roboshrub.

Because he's got the random robotic voice blurbs that never fail to amuse.

But if 'Shrub gets on the list, Gyrobo definitely deserves a raise.

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

I'll have him gold-plated!

Bhakti said...

I love the artwork! Did you create these multimedia creations?? Wonderful! (seriously!)

And, can you email me the information about where to buy seahorses (the ones that come with shells?) )Just kidding!(

Non-Xister said...

You have unleashed forces beyond your understanding or control in publishing these pages.

They contain incantory diagrams of the multiverse that could drive an uninitiated completely INSANE!

In a sense, you fell right into my ploy.

Easier than poisoning the water system.....

Bwa ha ha ha!