Sunday, December 11, 2005

Osprey to be Fakiegrind Totem Animal

Back in September I posted some pics my dad took with his super high-speed digital camera. Five days later, Dr. Flavour left a comment with a very good argument for making the Osprey the mascot of Fakiegrind. Being a creature of the moment, I never noticed the comment until tonight, when Bhakti's post on the moon inspired me to search out the post with my dad's pics.


It is with great pleasure, then, that I introduce the Osprey as the official Fakie mascot. This symbol of soaring individuality will emblazon the Fakiegrind heraldry as we march to do battle with the Xister and his ilk, in the great End-time cataclysmic smorgasbord that has long been prophesied in the Book of Oldness:

And there will come a dark blog out of the east
It will stink like unto strong cheese and its name is Würmworst
And so will begin the end of time time when the forces of evil predictability
will align themselves against the forces of warped indefinableness;
and the outcome will be like unto a great conglomeration of foods
where one's hand is stayed at table for the wild diversity of dish and condiment
but the sponge cake thou shalt not eat, for it shall be stale.

-Book of Oldness; Endthings, 15:84


mgc said...

that's a good mascot!

Unknown said...

That's a really INCREDIBLE photograph! I also loved the photo of the moon, too!!

Thank you for linking to my post! :)

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

Ah, the Osprey, skillfully outmanuevering its only natural predator, Moonfish.

Anonymous said...

I predict you will grow to be old, wealthy and semi-permeable.

kenju said...

Flatlander, thanks for the visit and the link to the color controversy about the universe. I appreciate knowing this; I thought the color seen in the Hubble photos was true. Knowing that it is enhanced, however, doesn't change my opinion of it's being beautiful. Nature may be the architect, but the photographers can be the artists (where color is concerned). I love the result - no matter where it comes from.

flatlander said...

I'm just glad that the universe as a whole isn't coloured beige, as the astronomers were saying for a time.

Beige is the colour of resignation.

Unknown said...

Beige is the color of my true love's hair.