Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hey National Geographic!

My dad takes great nature photos.

Wheee! All the other fish look like ants!

Help me! I'm stuck inside this plastic bubble!

If it looks like cheeze, and smells like cheeze....

Happy Belated Birthday Dad-ee-o!



Michael said...

Thats a big fish!

Dr. Flavour said...

I like the way the osprey is holding the fish like a game show hostess might show off a prize to the television audience.

Ospreys are monotypical; that is, they belong to family where they are the only representative or species. This is rare, especially for a bird. In fact, I can't think of another bird like that. Fakiegrind is kind of a haven for monotypical people, so if blogs are like states and have official birds, then the osprey should be it.

And ospreys are cooler than Neil Diamond. In a fight I think the osprey would win.