Thursday, November 24, 2005

Canada to be Fiddy Free?

Curtis Jackson, aka "50 Cents", aka "Fiddy" may not be allowed to cross the border into Canada for an upcoming tour, if Toronto MP Dan McTeague has anything to do with it. He wants Immigration minister Joe Volpe to prevent the rapper from entering Canada, claiming that his music promotes gun violence and drug use.

"Word! I can use these for taget practice."

Fakiegrind is all for freedom of expression, but we've had to give up the whole gangsta lifestyle due to an allergy to bling (gold chains give me hives). Before drawing any hasty conclusions about Fiddy, you might want to read Dr. Flavour's report.


Gyrobo said...

You're absolutely right- ancient Greek literature should be kept out of the schools!

TreeBob said...

Well he was officially alowed in the country on Wednesday. Yippy