Friday, November 18, 2005

Fiddy Face-Off

Flatlander's inestimable knowledge of rap history is made even more remarkable when considered against his extensive familiarity with classical literature - a rare combination but precisely the mix needed to assess the type of comment I recently overheard on the radio. 50 Cents' publicist, while talking-up Fiddy's newly released bio-pic "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", enthused that the movie had artistic depth and was comparable to a "Greek tragedy". Well, who could doubt it? But just to make sure, I used Fakiegrind's Virtual Similarity Discryptograph and ran a Level 3 Parallelism Matrix comparing 50 Cent with the great bard of ancient Greece, Homer. The results are published below.



flatlander said...

Be sure to tune in next week when Dr. Flavour compares that old know-nothing, Socrates, to Detroit superstar, Eminem!

Bhakti said...

Not only do they both have nappy hair, but they both seem to be wearing a...hhmmm...what do you call the black 'stocking' on Fiddy's head?

flatlander said...

This might be a question to "Ask Dr. Flavour", but it's possible that the cranial-condom Fiddy appears to be sporting is called a doo-rag.

But our Fashion Advisory Board (FAB) has come up with the name, "misogynistic lyric containment field" for the item.--Obviously, it's in need of repair.

Bhakti said...

I like the FAB name better than the doo-rag!

Perhaps it could also be called a 'scantily clad women in videos with big booty magnet'!

rock lobster said...

I wouldn't call Mr. Jackson's lyrics "misogynistic" per se, though there is a lot of "booty shakin' " in his videos.

He's just looking for a little Thug Love.