Sunday, October 30, 2005

Forget You Read This Post

"The sage does less and less
until he does nothing at all"

Every once in a while, little snippets of wisdom from my university days will drift, uninvited, into consciousness. Taoism is a fine religion. All you really need to do is meditate upon the above quote to understand what I mean. But then, meditating upon the quote would be doing something. So, to truly understand you would have to forget the quote--but don't try to forget the quote; that would be un-Taoist. Think, rather, about jellyfish. What would heaven be like for one of these creatures? I hope there are jellyfish in heaven; otherwise, I don't want anything to do with the place.

One time, I dreamed I was a jellyfish: happily riding the oceanic currents, eating smaller creatures, not a thought in my head. The I woke up, but for a moment I couldn't detemine whether it was I, Flatlander, who had dreamed the jellyfish, or the jellyfish that had dreamed Flatlander. Or maybe a third, pan-galactic gaseous entity was dreaming the both of us; jellyfish and Flatlander, and all the stars, planets and their satellites. Who could really say? What right does anyone have to claim to know anything about these matters?


Rick Anonymi said...

We, the Anonymi, have the absolute PERFECT Jellyfish link. Click here.

Rock-steady said...

Are you implying that Wisdom does less and less until Wisdom does nothing at all?

Or is it that Taste does les and less until Taste does nothing at all?

flatlander said...

Yes to the wisdom question, no to the taste question.
Wisdom always knows how best to jazz up a dish with
a little sage and cummin. The best cooks make it look
like nothing, and nothing is what nothing does.

Some jellyfish go to heaven the hard, Dantesque way.
Remember to always place intake hoses for diving suits
on the leeward side of the boat.

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

Taoism rocks my socks. It rocks my socks by actively NOT rocking them.