Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Hallowe'en!



Gyrobo said...

Happy Halloween, flatlander! And a Happy Halloween to the other contributors at Fakiegrind, including the Endtime Adjuster whom I suspect is either flatlander himself, his kid brother, or a roommate.

Or maybe his half-crazed uncle. Who sells insurance. Endtime Insurance!

Michael said...

Hey! There is Jack the Pumpkin King!
Flatlander and the Adjuster are only related by marriage.

Gyrobo said...

Of course! It all fits... the skateboarding, the endtime insurance... why didn't I see it earlier?!

Where do you guys keep getting these surreal pictures? That's, like, the weirdest pumpkin ever carved. Super sweet.

flatlander said...

Mystery abounds surrouding the identity of the nefarious Endtime Adjsuter. Suffice to say that I've never seen him in person. Though he seems to sometimes use the same computer as me, I often fall into inexplicable bouts of unconsciousness, and awake to find he has infiltrated Fakiegrind Central once agian, despite our extensive network of security devices.

The pumpkin was on the stoop of the neighbour's house. People 'round here like to do it up big time for the holidays like Halloween and Christmas. It's kind of spooooooky!

Rick Anonymi said...

Technically, none of us are showing our TRUE identities. I mean, look at me. I'm The Anonymi. That's not human! But then again, I never claimed to be; I exist solely as spirit energy in cyberspace.