Monday, September 26, 2005

Atomic Christ


This interesting book describes how the attention of the entire universe is focused on earth, where a spiritual battle between God and Satan is being waged with hapless human beings caught in the crossfire! I see it as a last-ditch attempt by small, fearful minds to put the earth back in the centre of the universe, rather than accepting the fact that, in the larger scope of things, our blue-green gem of a home is, as Douglas Adams said, "mostly harmless".

In the picture on the cover, nuclear missiles are coursing toward North America. One of them appears to be trained upon Winnipeg, while the other is headed for the States. Can Jesus stop the missiles in time, thus saving one of Canada's most under-celebrated cities? You will have to track down your own copy of Planet in Rebellion to find out.


Michael said...

Winnipeg! That is the city I was born in!

On a serious note though, I think it is more about bringing His will up on the earth as it is in Heaven, meaning living out the Kingdome of God and reinstating Eve, as it is not about us the individual but us as Humans.

Gyrobo said...

I always knew it would come to this.

flatlander said...

These are the days, my friends...these are the dayz.

em said...

I think it's about the fact that we live in Hell now, albeit a mild one. Heaven is mild to. I prefer Export Mild to the other leading brand.

"...tender and mild", coincidence? I think not!

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

The End of the World cannot come for a great deal of time. I am assured this by Prince Duckiduck the Fird, who is the physical avatar of my worse ideas. However, Plato once said that hypocracy does not invalidate a point. He said this because my homie Aristotle totally schooled him and the old boy couldn't take it.

I don't read books like that. Actually, that's a lie. I read WISHLIST when I was younger. But even that was a great deal more open-minded than what you've described.

Try reading "In The Footprints of God" instead. It's a scifi novel in which the main characters work with brain-based computers, like Gyrobo, only faster and less... um... counterintuitive. Regardless, the brain experimentation makes people go funky and the main character starts recieving visions and begins to believe he is Jesus reincarnated. Of course, everyone tells him to quiet himself. Well, it gets complicated. But it seems like a much better version of the same novel.

Then again, it isn't set in Canada...