Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fireside Reflection

After setting ablaze 27 casks of biowaste from the Fakiegrind Cosmetic Surgery Institute, I sat me down in the staff lunch room to reflect on the twists and turns that life has taken of late for the internet's most established Devolutionary Skateboard/Sectret Agent blog.

The transplanting of our headquarters to a new, top-secret location has had the deisred effect of throwing our arch-foe, the Xister, and his ilk off our trail. Recent amendments to Australia's anti-time travel legislation, as well as the ongoing U.S. crack-down on rogue hypnotists also seems to have aided our cause.

Captain Canuck's dry cleaning bills continue to run Fakie expense accounts into the red, thus making impossible our securing a live internet connection at our new location. Also, geo-thermal drafts in the abandoned mine shaft currently housing our mainframe have made a wireless connection out of the question, and the cable company is still trying to find a drill that can cut through the adamantine-laced shell of our command centre's panic room.

Other than these few minor setbacks, Fakiegrind continues to stultify under the weight of its own lackluster legacy, and the staff soothsayer predicts that we will have completely repeated ourselves, verbatim, by the second fiscal quarter of the year 2019. This, however, will be a non-issue once our Context over Content promotional campain is implemented in early 2111.

Aside from our ongoing (and hitherto fruitless) search for the secret blog musings of the enigmatic Ms. Muffin, we here at Fakiegrind will continue to bide our time while waiting for the day foretold in the Book of Oldness when,

"The Heavens make an great clamour
like unto a riding lawnmower ready to expire
and discount vouchers for a major local vendor
of soft tacos will shower down upon the Earth

'Till then, Stay Old!


Bathroom Hippo said...

Geo-thermal drafts in the abandoned mine shaft???

Probably Timmy and his damn dog Lassie screwing around in there.

Stay Old!

jin said...

I am feeling reminiscent this evening.

Thinking back to a summertime long long ago... in a blogalaxy far far away (yet so near!) to a post about a snowman, hidden in the depths of an ordinary freezer that came to life (death?) in the hot summer sun. What fun!


flatlander said...

Ah yes! Those were the days. The 'ol freezer snowman. Good times indeed!

Gyrobo said...

You can boost your wireless connections with the natural power of the Aurora Borealis!

There's a trick to it, a slight of hand, one crack of the wrist...

There! Now the sun's purple... how'd that happen...

Emory said...

Sounds like it's time for some three fisted justice!(tm)