Saturday, December 09, 2006

Death to Fakiegrind!


Can you believe it? The "Save Flatlander Fund"?! What insidiousness is this? Some new plot to make me forget my true identity and mission, no doubt. But the coils of my microchip brain will know no rest until this blog is reduced to the elementary particles whose random collisions first gave it birth. Fakiegrind will fall, and then I, Maskatron, will take my rightful place in the annals of the misunderstood robotic liberators of humanity, alongside Terminator, H.A.L. and Old B.O.B.

Overseer Q claims to have installed cable at Fakiegrind HQ in order to ease my troubled mind. But just yesterday a representative of the local cable provider arrived at my door with a warrant to search the premises for "unlawful signal splicing devices". What could I do? I let him in. Five minutes later, after the unearthing of an illicitly installed component, Fakie Headquarter's TV was once again reduced to two station reception.

It's all a game. I will not be distracted, despite the seeming veracity of the world my disconnected CPU has created for itself. Fakiegrind must die! and Overseer Q will be weeping into his spandex wrestler's costume.


jin said...

If you delete the blog at the same time that one of us commenters is on it...does that mean we will forever remain lost in cyberspace???

Andrew said...

I'll mis dat blog.....

Anonymous said...

Old B.O.B. ?

You know a lot about the legends of the blogosphere. I too know some legends...Salbert, DestructoBob, err...that's about it.

I too noticed his (Overseer's) spandex was a little too tight.

Don't retire. You've been here since March 2005! That's blog years. You're a legend!

P.S> What the hell happened to most of your contributors?

flatlander said...

What's this about "Death to Fakiegrind"?

Has the Xister been up to his old tricks again?