Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An Eldritch Tale of Sweets

Somewhere over licorice bridge is a magical place
where all good children love to go to stuff their pimply face

There's sweets galore, and what's more; you never brush your teeth
There's gummy bares with jelly stares and marshmallow-paved streets

A veritable paradise! but if you eat a lot
An overdose might put you into hypoglycemic shock

And suddenly you might just wish that you had stayed in bed
When you wind up visiting the city of the dead!

It's quite a trip, I tell you, for I've been there recently
It's much better than anything that's playing on TV

The sugar eats away your brain and leaves you in a state
Your eyes collapse, your nose implodes, your teeth deteriorate

But in the end it's worth it, if only for the view
The colours are so bright after a candy bar or two!


jin said...

I don't really eat candy like that anymore but you sure made me crave some!!!

Candy necklaces
& a Tootsie Roll
a Pez dispenser
shaped like a troll
Hubba bubba
& Big League Chew
Blow pops that
made your mouth turn Blue
Candy cigarettes
Pop rocks tasted
too good for words!

(Ummmm...ok. I'm done now. Childhood Flashback is OVER. *giggles*)

flatlander said...

Nobody in my household can really eat much of the Halloween loot, so I'm stuck with all the leftover candy, plus the door-to-door take.

When I was younger, my system could handle it, but now I have to come up with more creative ways to dispose of the goods--hence the tableau.

I'm thinking of trying to melt all the leftovers in the microwave and making some kind of sugary statue out of them.

jin said...

LOL...microwave them all together?!!? You might get a statue or you might get molten lava that explodes when it comes in contact with water!

A lot of that stuff lasts could use a glue gun (or regular glue, takes longer to dry though), assemble a little fakie 'gingerbread' house out of cardboard & attach all the candy. Voila! An Xmas deco good for eternity! :-D