Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cyborg Revisited

What with our picturesque downtown, agreeable city counsellors and multiple, world-class shawarma joints, Steeltown is quickly supplanting Toronto as the new Hollywood north (isn't it Vancouver that's know as "Hollywood north? -ed.). Seems like there's always at least one film crew operating somewhere in the downtown core, and a few summers ago, Fakiegrind Central's neighbourhood was transformed into Baghdad for a couple weeks while the made-for-TV extravaganza "American Soldier" was being filmed.


So I was surprised to see this sign on a downtown sidewalk, pointing the way to the catering table. It was the only indication I could find that the movie shoot might not really be for the less sensationally titled "Till Death do us Part". However, though I cased the scene for a good fifteen minutes (waiting for my deli sandwich order to come up) I saw no signs of cyborgs nor Californian Governors. Maybe it was just a silly prank.


jin said...

Mybe you have a stalker & she was just trying to get you to go down the alley.....

? ? ?

Gyrobo said...

Maybe they just needed some covert shots of an unassuming town.

You know, for the apocalypse shots.

flatlander said...

There was a cyborg at the door the other day, and I thought that maybe it had something to do with the movie shoot, but it turned out only to be the new mailman.

I hope that one never "goes postal" or we'll all be doomed!