Sunday, October 29, 2006

Night of the Jackal

Come gather 'round people and I'll spin ye a yarn
about a time and a place where ducks came to harm

On the planet of Gw'alp, in the Year of the Gyser
The gravity ducks were faster and wiser

But there came around a shadowy prescence
who would hunt these great birds and feed on their essence

Yes, he was quite sly, and dem birds was frightened
To the great Oyster Parties, no one would invite 'em

(now, those ducks moral was in need of a booster
so one of them got dressed up like a rooster)

By the light of twelve moons, the shadow would prowl
And indulge his lust for murder most fowl

When the postman arrived and saw the debacle
He instantly recognized the work of The Jackle

Set upon by the foe, he faced Kingdom Come
But not before producing a card from his mom

"Your mother, it seems, deplores your behaviour..."
(so the prophecies told of a mighty duck saviour)

At which the Jackle turned white with terror
"A letter from mom--there must be some error!"

But there was no mistake for that naughty feller
At the end of the day, that ninja was yeller

He was never seen again in those there parts
And them birds 'r now free to pursue their strange arts.



jin said...

LOVE it!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Flatlander,

Strange arts? What if their strange art was self defense? The jackal would stand no chance.

You're in my movie...briefly...hah!

flatlander said...

Without the comments of our faithful 5.23% return readership, Fakiegrind would implode.

Then the Xister would employ his sinister laugh.

Some one's Mother said...

May Mothers reign forever - for the good of their offspring of course.

Gyrobo said...

We mustn't allow the Xister the satisfaction of the aforementioned implosion!

My cultural indexer reads: Canada = Halloween celebrating

This means that as I write this, you are engaged in the act of "trick or treating," as defined by U.N. resolution 78B-111, section 4.

You can't weasel out of international obligations without a doctor's note.