Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Koala Kid


The inscrutable, irrefutable, non-computable turntablist extraordinaire, Kid Koala is coming to town, and I'm about to git me a birthday ticket. This ninja marsupial uses the turntable as a kind of jazz instrument, manipulating tones to create his own trumpet and sax solos. I can't wait to see him operate on the vinyl.

He also has a pretty neat web site.

He's got some tracks on myspace.

And, of course Youtube.

He doesn't run with the pack, and tonight he's going to show us where it's at.


Andrew said...

I love dat Kid!!!! what a paradoxically egoless showman.

mizfit said...

Many happy returnz of the day to fakiegrind and its related personages!

Bathroom Hippo said...

The Koala kid kicked John Wayne in the nuts during a duel, thus disqualifying him from the competition.

jin said...

*jin shouts*
:-D :-D :-D

Gyrobo said...

Happy birthday! Happy birthday? Happy birthday!

jin said...

Hey Flatlander!!!

Have you seen the new invisible skateboards?

Check them out HERE.

Enjoy!!! :-)

flatlander said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Those invisible skateboards are AWESOME!

Ahhh....to be young again.

Now that the Week of Flatness is over, I'll try to get back to some regularly scheduled bloggin.

Bhakti said...

Yes, in keeping with my oldschool proclivities, I still use that nosewipe of yesteryear, older than Kleenex but younger than sleeve cuffs, the handkerchief. THIS IS SENTENCE EXEMPLIFIES WHY I CRAWLED OUT OF MY MEDITATION CAVE AND CAME BACK TO BLOGGERLAND (A.K.A. FAKIELAND).

Thank you, Flatlander, for keeping it real, and funny, and really funny.

You are the man. How is Fakiecat doing? Is he still alive???

Speak at ya sooner than later,
My love to you,
Happy Be-lated or Early Birthday, take your pick.