Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Behold: The Fakiesaur


It's official! The tiny dinosaur I dug out of the garden yesterday is an entirely new species of microsaur. Specialists were working all night to classify the find, and have declared the petrified lizard to be a remarkably well preserved specimen of a hitherto unknown variety of microsaur.

Microsaurs are the tiny, ferocious lizards that roamed the earth about a billion years ago, before their kind were replaced by the much larger dinosaurs. This particular specimen was one of the top feeders on the food chain in this region, and the micro-palentologists have conceded to calling it "Fakiesaurus" to honour the discovery.

Digging is continuing in the back yard of Fakie Central in the hopes of uncovering more pre-historic treasures. I've always dreamed about raising funds to launch an expedition to search for the lost civilization of Micro-Atlantis. This miniature utopia was believed to have flourished some twenty thousand years ago, occupying an area of about half a metre square.

The chances of any archeological remains having survived twenty millennia of wear and tear are slim, but if even a small portion of this magical kingdom could be recovered, I believe it would have great positive ramifications for human civilization as we know it.


If you think Micro-Atlantis might have once flourished in your own back yard, please, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNDERTAKE THE DELICATE TASK OF MICRO-EXCAVATION YOURSELF. Rather, contact us here at Fakie Central and we'll send out a special archeological task force, with proper equipment, to undertake the project.


Gyrobo said...

I found micro-Atlantis once.

But then I sneezed, and the long-lost city was... sadly... destroyed.

I blame the sun, what with its sneeze-inducing rays.

em said...

How big were the micro-paleontologists? Did they work along side the regular ones or have thier own fenced off area?

In my back yard we've uncouvered evidence of micro-mighty-machines. Perhaps you could send a team over on your upcoming birthday (Sept13).

...and while we're on the subject of important dates you should know that this Friday is "National Iguana awareness day" which I take as a sign of the rightness of your discovery.

Bathroom Hippo said...


Got a lot of decomposing dog matter.

One big chunk from last week.

Never feed dogs pizza.

flatlander said...

Those micropalentologists were difficult to see in amongst the grass. I had to be careful not to step on them.

I think they might have run into some trouble with our giant garden slugs.

For my birthday I would like a shrink-ray gun. And some lazer hair. And tickets for the lunar eclipse.

Andrew said...

Good news, the eclipse is free!

Michael said...

Any hopes for DNA extraction for the purpose of cloning?
Hey! Dont you have a birthday coming up in a few days? Five days to be exact? Lets start the party now! Happy soon to be birthday!

jin said...

AHA! That's why you're so awesome! You're a Virgo!!!
I beat you by one day. (12th)
Do you get a cake?
I don't get a cake. :-(
I REFUSE to make one for myself!!!
(I'll just go pick up some chocolate!!!)

flatlander said...


Some kind of bug or Black Cheddar conspiracy is preventing me from making new posts. I suspect the Xister is trying to hijack the blog.

But seeing as virgo birthdayland is drawing near, I'll throw all cares to the wind and say

Let the Week of Flatness begin!

Gyrobo said...

Yay! Week of Flatness! I've already got my snorkel.

jin said...

Awww....where'd the Week of Flatness post go?
*jin frowns*

Did the Week of Oldness erase it?!!?

OMG! Or have I gone senile?!!?
Not yet! I've got 2 days left!!!
I'm only 21, I SWEAR!!!
My blogger profile is bugged!!!

mizfit said...

Flatlander, Jin, u guys r VIRGOS??? Me too! i follow u guys on 15th!

the virgo thingie we sare expleins outr creative genius mind on blog.


em said...

More technical difficulties?
Do you need me to try and post?
If it's just troubles at home,
I could make you toast.

With butter.

But not that edible oil stuff, real fat from a real cow.

flatlander said...


I never forget those motley holsteins who back this blog.

I've been planning my escape from Fakie Headquarters for weeks, but there are FORCES at work.

But soon the time will come to move.