Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It was a Full Moon, But I Forgot to Look


"One summer never ends
One summer never begins
It keeps me standing still
It takes all my will
Then suddenly...."

-The Motels


jin said...

Another case of the 'disappearing post words'.....

But, wait! I think they reappeared
in the banner!

How curious.....

flatlander said...

Tinkering, tinkering...always tinkering.

Now I've changed the header, so your comment has been confounded.

It'll all come out when the tapes are made public.

flatlander said...

21:55--I have put the banner back to its original form.

My mind turns over and over like a snake trying to breakdance.

jin said...

I tried to 'tinker' with my 'finished' post the other day.
Haha! I ended up with 3 copies of the same story in a row!?
I still have 2 typos:
a 'your' instead of 'you're'
& I missed one 'the'
every time I tried to fix them blogger gave me the infuriating triple post!!!

Do you think I'm a tad perfectionist?!!?

Bathroom Hippo said...

"My batteries failed,
My laptop died,
When I went home,
I was tipsy..."

- The Potamus

Gyrobo said...

His body faded, his spirit died;
but he wasn't buried, though-
he was deep-fried!


Andrew said...


mgc said...

i am old enough to have seen the Motels in 81 or 82. or was it 83... damn i'm feelin old!