Monday, May 01, 2006

Dept. H Buys Back Controlling Fakiegrind Share

The crew at Dept. H installed a lemonade stand in front of their secret fortress this week-end as a fundraiser to help pay off The Dudes, who have been threatening to turn Fakiegrind into a parking lot if we don't meet their demands.

Located deep in the Canadian north, the Dept. H Refreshment Stand did not garner much traffic, and for a while it looked like the scheme might fail entirely, until the annual Frobisher Bay Sled Dog Rally passed the location as part of their 65 km race course.

Dept. H managed to raise $2.65, three smoked herring and a used 9-volt battery, which was just enough to buy out the Dudes and restore Fakiegrind as the bastion of free association and tedious inanity that readers have come to expect.

A big Disco Thanks goes out to Captain Cannuck, Nelvana and the anonymous underlings at Dept. H for their ceaseless efforts to keep the blog-to-parking lot ratio at manageable levels.


jin said...

YAY for Lemonade! :-)

Gyrobo said...

When life gives you lemons, petition the government to begin a nuclear reclamation program.

mizfit said...

ah! i'm so glad that Dept. H successfully turned lemons into lemonade. and thank god for the sled dog rally. luck presents itself in so many different ways!

Adjuster said...

You might have dodged the bullet this time, but I'll have your blog yet, and you're Endtime Insurance Package too!

Gyrobo said...

The adjuster has mutated 180 degrees kelvin!