Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blog's End


This is a photo of a blog that the Malajuster and his Dudes destroyed to turn into a parking lot. Frankly, I'm sometimes tempted just to give up Fakiegrind and open a bowling alley or a pet cemetary.


Gyrobo said...

Sure, you hate 'em, but you've gotta admire their work.

jin said...

What would the Ramones do?

Bathroom Hippo said...

The Dudes totally wiped out the Kiss Army.



Gyrobo said...

It's true. Dick Cheney is all that remains of the KISS army.

flatlander said...

That, and the free-roaming pre-hensile Gene Simmons tongue that leads them.

flatlander said...

My last word verification was "ukwinz".
You know what to do.