Friday, March 10, 2006

Martian Hop


If there's one thing galactic invaders can't resist, it's one of those K-tel compilations of silly songs from the seventies. I've had a landing party camped out in the front yard all night, just waiting for me to let out the cat or go for the mail, so they can suck out my brain and replace it with marzipan. But when I put on the "Witchdoctor Song", the aliens dropped their laser guns, came out from behind the bushes, and did this little line dance:


Amazing, the power of music to bridge the gap between life forms! But I guess we all should have learned that lesson from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".


Gyrobo said...

This is why your blog is ten times infinity times more awesome than half of what Blogger puts up on the Blogs of Note thing.

flatlander said...


Aw shucks!

now, back to the frey!