Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wheels within Wheels

Have you seen Maskatron?

There are several Fakie Agents who still haven't filled out the Android Detection Questionnaire. but this doesn't mean they have a greater chance of being Maskatron. If anything, not filling out the questionnaire would be the expected behaviour from a Fakie Agent. It was actually the Agents who did fill out the form whom we planned to investigate further as to whether they might be the deadly robot-assassin in disguise.

However, since none of the Fakie Agents filled out the questionnaire, we are left with two possibilities. Either:

1) Maskatron has not disguised himself as a Fakie Agent after all.


2) He has anticipated our own deception and intentionally didn't fill out the questionnaire in keeping with the way a Fakie Agent would be expected to behave.

All in all, only Rock-Steady has been ruled out from being Maskatron, since he supplied us with a photo showing that he has nipples and a tattoo; something Maskatron could not possibly have, being made out of aluminum.

So we are left with three possibilities as to the identity of the Fakie Agent that Maskatron has assumed:

1) Dr. Flavour -our in-house time machine expert and Chief of Research.

2) Em -our deep-cover oldschool skateboarding and magic expert.

3) Kill-joy -meditation specialist, the most senior of all the Agents.

We haven't heard from Kill-joy for so long, it's been assumed he was abducted by aliens. However, we are beginning to wonder if he hasn't actually been kidnapped by Maskatron and the mysterious entity known as the Xister in the nefarious plot code-named "Black Cheddar".

Kill-joy is one tough customer, and he wouldn't give over the Fakiegrind access codes without a fight, but there is a chance that Fakie security has been breached, and that Maskatron is going to try to impersonate Kill-joy to gain admittance to our Central Headquarters.

The Fakiegrind secret hand-shake is being revised at this writing.


Rock-steady said...

Maybe we should of put a black bar over those nipples?

flatlander said...

If they don't shut us down over the picture of Bert and Ernie on the comments page of the last post, the nipples should be ok.

I only hope that MGC keeps his Miss Piggy pics to himself.