Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Truce?

It seems that all the hypnotic hubbub about the Black Cheddar Consortium is threatening to eclipse the spirit of the season.
Christmas is about peace, love and understanding, not riotous endtime Ragnaroks. We're already suffering a holiday election campaign here in Canada; perhaps the cataclysmic battle of the blogs can wait.

I actually think that the war cry was sounded too hastily. It's just not the Fakiegrind way to jump headlong into conflict. We should find out more about Project: Black Cheddar before seeking to wipe them off the face of the net. At the very least, I'm suggesting postponing the Endtime Smorgasbord predicted in the Book of Oldness to early March to give us all time to enjoy the holidays and the ensuing paralysis of deep winter.

What I'm asking for from the Xister et.al. is a holiday truce, during which we might reflect on the true spirit of blogging, and perhaps find a better way to all get along in the coming new year.


Non-Xister said...
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Non-Xister said...

The Black Cheddar Consortium accepts your truce. It will give us a chance to recharge our animal magnetism batteries and prepare for the Great Smorgasbord.

Be forewarned! By March we will be millions strong.