Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ms. Muffin in da House

There once was a guy from Steelton
Though not its native son
He seemed to survive
On $1.05
And brought home LPs by the tonne.

Poem by Ms. Muffin


Michael said...

Nice. And sweet.

mgc said...

ms. muffin you rock!

Maskatron said...

Query: Who is Ms. Muffin? Please indicate bionic status of this orgainism.

Nice Blog!

Gyrobo said...

One of these days, I gotta find out what an LP is.

That's the only way to survive in the REAL world.

flatlander said...

"LP" stands for "lazy person". It's probably the one characteristic that all Fakie Agents share (even if they have a job).

The guy in Ms. Muffin's poem likes to bring them home en masse, for dinner.

Rock-steady said...

I thought maskatron had been destroyed years ago. This is going to be big trouble for Fakiegrind.

Gyrobo said...

I think I realize why you never have that many comments on a post. It's because you make so many new posts that people instantly go to the newest one!

Don't stifle your creativity, though. You can either have a large amount of comments, or a large amount of posts, but never both.

D├ęsirent ardemment Fakiegrind de phase!

flatlander said...

I must say, comments in general have gone up 900% since the robot contingent started dropping by!

However, the can-o-worms metre is in the red today with that Maskatron comment. He's supposed to have been neutralized back in the 70s, and safely dismantled in a Fakiegrind warehouse.

Time to get on the horn!