Thursday, November 17, 2005


I'm a stray dog flipping through the catalogue
At the end of days trying to change my ways
And failing, Newborn babies wailing
Life goes on, running in a marathon
I stand aside, doors of thought open wide
Step and glide, surfing on the eventide
Suckers scrounge titles
In the twilight of idols
Freestyle emcees suicidal
With nothing to say, take the stage anyway
Abusing the mic like a rogue satellite
With orbits astray, empty thoughts to betray
Just cut to the quick and get out of my way

I'm sick, toxic waste builds in my blood
Words stick; all else is lost in the flood
Crooked path graphed, Grace traces a spiral
Wisdom just laughs and effaces the idol
Journey to the centre of nowhere special
Pacing the waste and facing the devil
Pre-empted and tempted to throw yourself down
Look within, dead to sin, wonders abound
Witness each miracle, walking the Earth
Mounting the spherical road of rebirth
Fools plague the nations with false salvation
Saints cut adrift roam beyond calculation

Emcee Typo rocking it steady
Crowds go psycho, better get ready
in the new millennium, like a laser gun
rock the stadium, watch the suckers run!


Gyrobo said...

You seem to be blogging a lot more since you quit your job as a lumberjack. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Hip hip hooray for unemployment!"

I can't wait until retirement. That's like being unemployed, but you get discounts at the buffet and movies.

And you get to drive around in limos.

flatlander said...

Yep, cutting wood eight hours a day took a large part of my best energies--energies which I can now squander on my collecting and blogging habits.

I'm enjoying retirement, but I'm try to find a way to fake my birth cirtificate so I can take advantage of those discounts you mentioned, as well as getting in on some of the afternoon Canasta action down at the rec. centre.

Adjuster said...

Hah! You call that a rap? The retirement home is where you belong, Flatlander. Or should I say "Emcee Typo"--you should call yourself Type-Zero, because that's what your words are worth.

I could write a better rap half-doped on NyQuil, but I'm too busy preparing to wipe your but with the Seventh Seal at the fast-approaching End of Days!

flatlander said...

Youch! Looks like the Endtime Adjuster is back online. It doesn't seem like his sojourn in the Brazilian rainforest has made him any more mellow. It appears that he's still hung up on the 'ol End of Time schtick.

Don't be hatin'!