Friday, November 11, 2005

Disco Preservation Zone


Fakiegrind has received official status as a Disco Preservation Zone by the Institute for Crazy Endangered Dances. Disco dancing was placed on the institute's endangered list in the early eighties, when the fad was eclipsed by breakdancing (another endangered dance that, thanks in no small part to the efforts of ICED, has had enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years).

With our team of highly trained Research Agents, we at Fakiegrind hope to promote the serious study of the lost art of disco, and rehabilitate such graceful steps as The Hot Chocolate, The Rollercoaster, the New York Bus Stop, and the once pandemic Night Fever Line Dance.

With our three year mandate, Fakiegrind University plans to establish a Masters-level correspondence diploma program in Advanced Disco Studies, opening the doors of scholarship to a wider understanding of the dancefloor culture that has shaped so much of late twentieth century cultural expression.

In the mean time, please send any unwanted disco balls, sequined dresses, polyester slacks, wide-collar dress shirts and rare Abba compilations to: Fakiegind Institute for Advance Disco Studies, c/o The Internet. Your donations will be greatly appreciated.


Gyrobo said...

There's nothing quite like a glowing disco ball. Unless it's a glowing disco ball full of $100 bills.

Without the company of friends, we would all be cast off into the solar winds of oblivion. Therefore, punch your brethren before you go to work; it's the only thing keeping them sane.

The same thing happened to MY cable. The company gave me free HBO for, like, three years. Then one day, a truck showed up and messed with the wires. Now I my HBO is gone, and some of my stations changed channels. Then my cable bill went up. And since this one company owns all the cable services where I live, my only alternative is to switch to satellite. Onward, dishes! Onward- to victory!

flatlander said...

Friends are good, and so is free cable; but the cable show "Friends" isn't really that good. Still, I laughed many times at those zany characters. Ah cable, where for art thou?

Please send all $100 dollar bill-filled disco balls to:

Fakiegrind, c/o The Internet, and stay old!

Gyrobo said...

Instead of $100 bills, I've sent $1x10^40,000 bills. This should hopefully cover the cost of the disco balls, as well as the rebuilding costs of the entire Earth during the next three world wars.

And there will be world wars. Mark my words. It was prognosticated by the Adjuster, therefore the Endtime is upon us!

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