Thursday, October 20, 2005

All Hail, Fakie Brethren


Due to inter-junctions by the Evil Bob Dole, I've been laying low in an unspecified Fakiebunker and have been unable to maintain regular broadcast scheduling. I had to infiltrate Fakie Central late this evening, under cover of night, using the Stealth Glider to thwart the Canned Spiders of Dole that lay waiting behind the bushes and fire hydrants in my once Fakie-friendly neighbourhood. Thank Neil that the Passwords of Insanity have held, and the Vaults of Oldness remain intact receptacles of the Skate Wisdom of Yor! We must continue the campaign to out-flank the Dolites, while my cat, Tiger, and I continue our search for a new base of operations. Until the Discount Record Collection, and the Wheels of Steeltown Soundsystem are safely secured, I will only be able to transmit sporadic broadcasts. We're also working on a secret access tunnel to the Vaults, but don't tell Evil Bob Dole, or we'll be pooched! Flatlander out.


Rock-steady said...

Do you need me to shake down Jack Kemp for some possible information on the E.B.D.?
You know how to reach me.

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

Thank goodness; we were beginning to fret. Who knows what dark and sinister dungeon you could have been stranded in by the Dolicus Sini-Star? I can see it now; one lone skater pitted against an impossible labrynth of fire and brimstone; crossing chasms of churning lava and utilizing unstable bridges; fighting armed guards in a desperate gambit for survival!

Actually, that'd be damn cool. I'll have to submit it to Evil Bob Dole, allied against him though I am.