Saturday, September 24, 2005

Return of Slug


A couple nights ago, the slug that ate my house returned. This time, it had a peace offering in the form of a handfull of ectoplasm.


Adjuster said...

Notice the mottled markings that kind of look like the face of Alice Cooper. Make no mistake, this is the dreaded Slug of the Apocalypse!

Do not be like those foolish, lost, overly sensitive vegetarians. I think some Endtime Escargot is in order!

flatlander said...

Get thee behind me, cursed Endtime Adjuster!

Where does he dig up all this insanity from?

The invertebrates are our ambiguously sexed brothers/sisters. His mottled markings may well be a blueprint of eternity.

Adjuster said...

All the more reason to gobble them up!