Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Live and Let Die

The last few years have been quite difficult, and not very rewarding. Maybe things will change for the better soon, or maybe they won't. What I know is that I can't go on living like I have been here in Steeltown. I've drunk this cup down to the bitter lees, and all that is left are bits of crud and tea leaves at the bottom. If I were skilled in such things, I might read my fortune in the murk, but I have no such skills. What I know is that it's time to let go and move on.

Way I’m sleepin’, my back and shoulders tired
Way I’m sleepin’, my back and shoulders tired
Come tomorrow, I’ll be satisfied
If I can catch that fast train and ride


Gyrobo said...

I had no idea things were bad in Canada. I guess the whole world is getting worse. The future looks bleak. Well, at least we aren't facing imminent nuclear destruction. That's a plus.

flatlander said...

Canada is a big country. I still haven't seen the east. If things don't work out there, you have my permission to bomb the whole place out.

Adjuster said...

Mayhaps you would be interested in some Endtime Insurance

mgc said...

change can be a good thing. not always freeing, but not a miserable thing either. as for insurance - good luck on that!

Emory said...

If you come to my house I will give you one of my harmonicas, then you can "take it on the rails". Camping out with other Hobo's, drinking Sterno from a rag and falling asleep to the clickety-clack.

Oops, I guess that's MY fantasy. Anyway, come visit. To our American friends, did you know you have one soldier for every person in Canada? You could like, have a personal guard for each one of us. Then we would all, finally, be safe. I was in the previous war in Kuwate. I found the Americans were very generous and friendly, if a tad gung-ho.

I need a job.

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

The only time I heard the song "Live and Let Die" before was when I participated in a high-speed motorcycle chase scene.

The shotgun kind of detracted from the song, so I don't know if I would have enjoyed it under normal circumstances.

flatlander said...

OK, I changed my mind. Even if the east sucks, please don't bomb out my country. Where would all of the beavers take refuge?

Roboshrub, whenever I get involved in high-speed chase scenes, I'm always mucho irritated by the guy on the moped, scooting along beside with a ghetto blaster providing the soundtrack. He's the first guy I aim for, before taking out the bad guys.

Em, please don't let our American readers know that we have been secretly manipulating their armed forces so as to cultivate the one-to-one soldier-to-Canadian citizen ratio you mentioned. They might get irate and try to take us over, rather than providing us with that sense of security that allows us to cultivate our airs of cultural superiority.

MGC; change is good, but I really like bills: perferably 50's & 100's.