Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Homage to Mammon

I don't want to get all self-righteous about money being the root of all evil, especially now that I have some in my bank account. But an art school student from Virginia is cashing in bigtime with her portraits of Alan Greenspan.

It's evident that this artist has some skill with the brush, but it creeps me out to think of the kind of people who bought these things to hang in their office or home. Is it art, or some kind of weird fetish, or is there even a difference any more? I could really use a working philosophy of aesthetics right now!


mgc said...

that is a good painting, but the subject is rather weird. why would any one want to use him as a subject for artistic expression?

Roboshrub Incorporated said...

Artists are eccentric.

flatlander said...

But not all eccentrics are artists!

I think it's great that this lady has found a lucrative market for her work. But, as MGC said, it's weird.

Maybe I should start painting pictures of money: bills, change, credit cards. If I sold them, thus trading my pictures of money for real cash, I would be performing an alchemical act of magic to astound friends and family.

Then I would paint a picture of, say, six or seven, hot naked chicks; and then I would paint a picture of myself so that I would never grow old or broke, but the picture would age and become poor in my stead. The old, destitute portrait would still be OK, because it would have the naked chicks to keep it company.

Today was a long, hard day at the sawmill, and I'm dilerious.