Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fakiegrind Celebrates...


The Ghetto Blaster

Nowadays, what with MP3 players cramming thousands of song flies into tiny little cigarette case-size accessories, it seems that nobody wants to be seen cruising the street with a righteous boom box in tow. Sure, it may be a little unwieldy, but the base is in your face when you sport one of these suckers. And with all the graphic equalizers and flashing lights, these monstrosities of sound are like a portable disco party. The particular model shown above is broken, but I'm trying to figure out a way to turn it into an attractive flower pot holder.

Michael Franti loves blastin'
and we love Michael Franti.

I'm having trouble keeping up with technology these days. For traveling I still like to use the cassette walkman I picked up last summer for five bucks. It may not hold a thousand songs, and sometimes it eats my tapes, but it has a little "superbass" button on the side that makes me happy.


mgc said...

every time i carry my "blaster" on my shoulder, i fall over. it is quite humiliating when my homeys laugh at me for not being a better blaster balancer.

Spoonie Gee said...

Enroll now in my Blaster Balancing Seminar!

We'll show you how to balance a blaster on your shoulder while craning your neck, Exorcist-style, to catch all the sexy fly girl walking by.

For an extra fifty bucks I'll teach you the secret B-boy moonwalk combo that drives the girls nuts!