Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dangers of Costco

"I bought way too much of this toilet paper that I don't really like."

-my housemate


Michael said...

We call Costco the $200.00 dollar store.

flatlander said...

Somehow you always end up spending more than you exptected.

An eight pound bag of pretzels. Wheee!

mgc said...

the sadness in a costco outing is that it is cheaper to buy something (food stuffs) and throw half of it away than to buy smaller pertions at the supermarket. what a waste! nut i do like a $1.50 hot dog and a coke. (i think that would be about $7 or $8 canadian!!!)

mgc said...

were is the f-ing spell checker when i need it?

portions and but!

flatlander said...

We don't actually have Coke and hotdogs up here in the north, just Beaver Juice and Caribou Steak.