Monday, August 01, 2005

Wimperless Bang

Return of the sweltering heat. Elder skatesman sets fire to the street. Kid on bike counts the times I fall: four. Gnar levels rising, watching skate vids of yor. Study foot placement. Practice beats in the basement. In summer time riding the lines like Tarzan in the vines. Steeped in illusion, deep confusion unwinds. Scatter the zombie mob with words to lob like granades of thought. Inspiration--a neglected station between one and zero. Worship of heros: a human predilection. Point your nose in a random direction. The compass moves and I go through shoes, looking for ankle protection. Heel of Achilies. Some people eat chiles for fun and profit. Hand me a hat and I'll doff it at the first person who happens by because God is everywhere, like an echoing cry.

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