Monday, August 01, 2005

Countdown to Gnar

After a couple days of R&R my muscles are somewhat recovered from five straight days of skateboarding last week. Riding bowls and ramps utilizes different muscles from the flatlanding to which I am accustomed, but I think I could get used to it if there were a facility available. The Steeltown skatepark likely won't get built for another year, if they can even settle upon a location for the place.

Today I think I'll go out skating. The Bease skatejam/contest is next week, and I want to keep in shape for this event. Last year I attended but I didn't have a board, so I ended up riding an old discount beast that I found in the garbage. The thing hardly rolled, and there were a very limited number of tricks you could do on it. But diehard skaters know that even a popsicle stick on wheels is better than having nothing to ride at all, so we make do.

This year, however, I'm in good shape. By next week, barring any anomalous board destruction, my deck should be in the perfect state of broken-inedness for the skatejam. I guess I'll enter the oldschool division, and maybe the 18 and over. I might have a shot at the highest flatground ollie as well, if there is such an event.

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