Wednesday, August 17, 2005


When a Man Lies He Murders
Some Part of the World
These Are the Pale Deaths Which
Men Miscall Their Lives
All this I Cannot Bear
to Witness Any Longer
Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation
Take Me Home?

Metallica, To Live is to Die

Just a freindly reminder that you only have two more days to place a bid for an UNOPENED CASSETTE of Metallica's ...And Justice for All. This is the last album the legendary band made before they were kidnapped by their record label and replaced with androids. Bidding starts at $50 000 (CAN), but you can own the item outright for a mere $96 000 (CAN). Simply make the cheque payable to Fakiegrind, care of the Internet, and place it under your keyboard. We'll send one of our Agents through the wires to pick it up.

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