Monday, August 15, 2005

Fakiegrind's Metallica Fundraiser Challenge


My friend found a box of tapes by the curbside--a veritable treasure trove of tunes--in amongst which was this factory-sealed Metallica cassette, ...And Justice for All. Released in 1988, this was Metallica's biggest selling record up to that time, with classic songs like Blackened and Harvester of Sorrow. I am more partial to the Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and Garage Days Re-revisited albums, and looked upon Justice as the point at which the masters of metal started repeating themselves. And yet, for some reason, the universe brought this pristine, unopened, unplayed copy of the album into my possession, so I've had it up on the shelf as an article of wonder for several weeks now.

The cover graphic is pretty gnarley, with a boob exposure on the part of the statue of Justice that pre-dates MAMERY ALERT Janet Jackson's slippage by about fifteen years.


Maybe I never gave ...And Justice for All a fair chance. I've certainly never owned a copy. Therefore, I'm going to wait until Friday before unwrapping this vintage casette and poping it in the Fakiegrind sound system. Unless, of course, some die-hard Metallica fan and/or Fakiegrind benefactor would like to pay $96 000 (Canadian) to own this rare piece of music history.


Michael said...

$96 dollars in Candain cash is what? $7.99 in American?

mgc said...

mike - he said 96000. that has to be at least $10.95 - your drunk, crazy american!

em said...

The curency, when not explicitly stated shall be "spleef-marks" of the central galactic bank.

In this case you would have to sell the entire world and it's moon pie times.

flatlander said...

...and still it would be a steal to own this rare piece of cultural heritage!