Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Interdependence Day

I like to take July 4th to celebrate the Buddhist doctrine of pratityasamutpada, or interdependence. Closely related to the experience of Sunyata, or void, realizing interdendence is a movment beyond the illusion of self-being, to see that the existence of any given thing in the world is dependent on the existence of all other things.


Here's a toast to my homeland's interdependence with our neighbours to the south, without whom we would probably be part of Russia.


Anonymous said...

If this were so would we drink more vodka than beer? Would that mean that we would be less Canadian?

Igor Igorvanich said...

We would still drink beer, we'd just call them "brewskies". Wait! We already call them that! Please pass the samovar, comrade.