Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day

I'm proud to be a Canadian
so pass me another beer

-Dayglo Abortions

CBC is running down the top 50 Canadian songs of all time, but the Dayglos are not likely to make the list, despite their heroic anti-Regan, anti-hippie, anti-society stance. Too many antis, not enough uncles.

The Lakeport Beer factory is just down the street. Today all the government run beer stores are closed for the holiday, but the factory is still selling their "cheap honey lager". The Bease skateboard posse just passed the house on a beer run, a rare sighting in this neighbourhood.


It's not bad beer. I find if you mix it with some cran-raspberry juice, to make a kind of spritzer, it's quite palatable. Cheers!


Michael said...

Happy Canada day. I think I may celebrate with a Molson after work.

flatlander said...

Cheers mate!